The Book of Hebrews, Part 32: A Better Sacrifice Needed for Our Heavenly Purification (Heb. 9:18-23)

by Elder Chris McCool, Pastor (preached on July 9, 2023)

As we continue our study in the Book of Hebrews, we learn more about how Christ is a “better” sacrifice. In the first half of this sermon, which we post today, we find that a better sacrifice than the sacrifices of bulls and goats was needed for heavenly purification. The blood sacrifices of the Law only purged the “patterns” of the heavenly things, but the pure blood of Christ purified us for the heavenlies themselves! Once again, we see that the old economy of Law worship has been changed by the death of Christ on the cross, and the new way of worship in the age of grace has been implemented. Christ’s sacrifice actually put away sins in substance instead of in symbol! Join us as we continue looking at our “better” sacrifice.

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