A Very Present Help (Ps. 46:1)

by Elder Kenneth Nowell (preached on 1/21/2024) In this sermon, Elder Kenneth Nowell reminds us that God is a very present help. He has not only saved us eternally, but He also daily watches over us. When trouble comes, He … Read More

Watch Ye, Part 2 (1 Cor. 15:13)

by Elder Kenneth Nowell (preached on 4/16/2023) Yesterday we began listening to a powerful sermon by Elder Kenneth Nowell regarding being “watchful.” He was using the acronym “W A T C H” to expound upon this subject. Join us today … Read More

So Great a Cloud of Witnesses (Heb. 12)

by Bro. Kenneth Nowell (preached on 9/18/22) In today’s message, Bro. Kenneth Nowell, who has been exercising a preaching gift under the authority of Piney Grove Primitive Baptist Church in Headland, Alabama, brings an encouraging sermon about faith and faithfulness. … Read More

Prayer (James 5:16)

by Bro. Kenneth Nowell (preached 12/26/21) Is prayer really important? What is the purpose of prayer? How should we engage in prayer? Join us as Bro. Kenneth Nowell shares with us some blessed truths about the subject of prayer. Download … Read More