The God of All Possibilities (1 Sam. 23)

by Elder Tim McCool (preached on 10/29/2023) Many theologians in the world believe that God has preordained everything that happens. But is that Scriptural? Elder Tim McCool takes us to an episode in the life of David which demonstrates to … Read More

How Long? (Ps. 74)

by Elder Tim McCool (preached on 11/13/22) In this message from Psalms 74, Elder Tim McCool, pastor of Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church near Echola, Alabama, reminds us that the sin and trouble of this world will not last forever. There … Read More

Four Simple Truths (Acts 2:42)

by Elder Tim McCool (preached 4/21/2012) In this powerful message, Elder Tim McCool shares words of instruction and encouragement in revival. There are many things the world tries to add to the church in order to bring revival, but the … Read More

The Nation-Maker (Deut. 32)

by Elder Tim McCool (1/10/2021) Some people decry governments, and demand their downfall. Others look to governments, and trust them to provide their every need. But what does God, the great Nation-Maker, think about nations? What is the primary purpose … Read More