Welcome to our website.  We are excited that you would take the time to visit us online!  Our church strives to be an oasis in the desert of this world for God’s children who find themselves to be sojourners and strangers in a strange land.

We live in a complicated world, but at Zion Primitive Baptist Church, we seek to serve the Lord in simplicity.  Families worship together here, singing the sweet old songs of praise to God.  The precious, simple truth of salvation by grace alone is preached here, as we rejoice in the fact that the blood of Christ alone – plus nothing – has saved His people from their sins!  Love and fellowship are the rule of the day – there are no divisions by age, gender, or marital status, as we all seek to worship the Savior together in Spirit and in truth.

Our desire here at Zion Church is to provide a warm and loving place for the flock of Christ to fellowship and feed.  There is great beauty in the simplicity that there is in the true worship of Christ.  If you are laboring and heavy-laden, come rest in the good news that Christ has already saved you!  We love you and hope to see you in our congregation soon.

In Christ,

Elder Chris McCool, Pastor