The Kingdom Parables (Mat. 13)

by Elder Michael Ivey (preached in 2018 at Bethel PBC in Calabash, NC) Matthew 13 contains seven parables of the Kingdom of God. In each parable, Jesus sets forth some truth about the Kingdom that was (and is) important for … Read More

Our View of Christ, Part 2 (John 5:20-25)

by Elder Mike Ivey (preached 5/14/22) In this conclusion to the message begun yesterday, we learn that our view of Christ affects everything in our lives. We should always see Him as He is, the sovereign Lord of this universe, … Read More

Our View of Christ, Part 1 (John 12:20-25)

by Elder Mike Ivey (preached 5/14/22) If you’ve ever felt stressed out, burdened down, depressed, or discontent, it’s probably because you don’t have the proper view of Christ. When the Greek Jews came looking for Jesus, they said, “Sir, we … Read More

The Mystery of Godliness (1 Tim. 3:16)

by Elder Mike Ivey (preached 4/10/22) In this marvelous message, Elder Mike Ivey points us to the “mystery of godliness”, and declares from Scripture that we have ALWAYS been in Christ Jesus, both from eternity past and for eternity future! … Read More