The Book of Hebrews, Part 31: A Better Sacrifice Needed for Our Divine Reconciliation (Heb. 9:11-17)

by Elder Chris McCool, Pastor (preached on June 18, 2023)

As we move on in the Book of Hebrews, we come to the heart of Hebrews. In the latter part of the ninth chapter, we learn that Jesus Christ was a better sacrifice than the Law sacrifices of bulls, goats, and sheep. This concept is emphasized from this point through chapter ten, and builds upon the whole theme of Hebrews, which is “better” – everything we have in the age of Grace is better than what they had under the Law service! In this sermon, which we post in its entirety, we see that a better sacrifice was needed for our divine reconciliation with God. Christ indeed was that “better” sacrifice!

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