Monday Minutes, With Pastor Chris McCool (November 27, 2023)

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving! We ought to always be thinking about the things that God has blessed us with, but especially at this time of year we are reminded about being thankful.

Having been the pastor of Zion Primitive Baptist Church for the past twelve years or so, I am well-acquainted with the ups and downs of the pastoral ministry. There are great mountaintops of spiritual blessing; but there are also many valleys of spiritual depression! The church I pastor is one of the most loving, supportive, and spiritual congregations I have ever encountered, and their precious prayers and support of my as pastor mean so much! I could not have been shown more love and respect, and prayerful intercession, by any people except my own dear wife! And yet there are difficult times, even in the best of circumstances!

Today, I want to share some thoughts I read on social media regarding pastors and the relationship they have with their flock. Yes, I know this came from social media, but nonetheless I see myself in each of these situations from time to time! Especially the last statement, regarding just being a “regular guy.” Pastors and preachers are subject to all the trials and temptations that non-preachers endure, and we should never elevate them to a status they cannot bear.

To my own dear church, I say that I hope you know how much you mean to me! I hope you know how important your spiritual growth is to me! And I hope you know how much I need your daily prayers! I love the congregation of Zion Church dearly!

Read the list of statements below, in light of the burden the minister has. And pray for your pastor daily; he sure does need it!

May the Lord bless you is my prayer.

Elder Chris McCool, Pastor


1. He loves God and you a lot. Be mindful!

2. He is a painfully limited human being. Be realistic!

3. He probably has a pretty low view of his “performance”. Be kind!

4. He wishes he were a better preacher. (Amen!) Be awake!

5. He really does want God’s best for you and your family. Be open-hearted!

6. His work knows no time or locational boundaries. Be patient!

7. He hears much more negative information than positive. Be encouraging!

8. He labors in a ministry in which few remain today. Be praying!

9. He serves in a highly leadership-intensive call. Be leadable!

10. He needs help. Be available!

11. His God-given vision is bigger than himself and the church. Be filled with faith!

12. He wants to personally meet all the needs, but knows he can’t. Be understanding!

13. He’s going to say some dumb things every now and then. (Amen to this as well!) Be forgiving!

14. He is greatly encouraged by your faithfulness. Be there!

15. He is passionate for God’s Word to be made practical to you. Be hungry!

16. He longs for church to be your spiritual oasis. Be loving!

17. He dreams for your and your family’s spiritual health. Be receptive!

18. He needs to hear that you prayed for him. Be interceding!

19. He’s just a regular guy. Be real!