Burdens, Part 2 (Ex. 1:8-11)

by Elder John Morgan Owens (preached on 1/28/2024) As we began to see yesterday, there are many burdens in life. The most onerous burden of all is the burden of sin, which Jesus Christ Himself has borne on our behalf. … Read More

Burdens, Part 1 (Ex. 1:8-11)

by Elder John Morgan Owens (preached on 1/28/2024) In this life, we bear many burdens, don’t we? The burdens of life so often overwhelm us. But there’s one burden we should never try to shoulder ourselves: the burden of sin! … Read More

Facing An Impossible Task (Exodus 3)

by Elder Chris Taylor (preached on 4/29/2015) In this message from back in 2015, Elder Chris Taylor, pastor of Antioch Primitive Baptist Church in Vero Beach, Florida, brings a powerful message from the life of Moses about facing impossible tasks. … Read More

Who Am I? Here Am I! (Ex. 3)

by Elder David Wise (preached 8/8/21) In this message, Elder David Wise examines the two phrases, “Who am I?’ and “Here am I!” Using Moses as a starting point, we see that we must have a sense of our own … Read More