Will All the Elect Hear and Believe the Gospel? Part 1 (Rom. 3:3)

by Elder Chris McCool, Pastor (preached on 9/3/2023)

In Romans 3:3, the question is asked, “What if some did not believe?” The answer to this question separates most in the religious world from those of us who are Primitive Baptists. All Arminians, and most Calvinists, teach that a sinner must hear and believe the gospel or there is no chance for him or her to go to heaven. Primitive Baptists, on the other hand, stand on the Scriptural ground that our belief is not what gets us to heaven! Rather, it is the faith of God – no the faith of the elect – that saves them from their sins. Join us today as we explore the Bible answer to this question, and the Bible reasoning for preaching the gospel.

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