Orphans, Part 1 (Ps. 27:10)

by Elder John Morgan Owens (preached 5/22/22)

In the Bible, we often read about those who are fatherless – the orphans of this world. We live in a world where children are cast aside like unwanted baggage, even aborted on demand under the supreme law of our land! We have prayed for the overturning of that wicked law, and we appear to be on the cusp of that happening. While this is a wonderful thing, it does not signal the end of our duties: in fact, the church’s responsibility is to display the love of Christ to all those around us, especially those who are born into dire and desperate circumstances. Join us for the first half of this weighty message by Elder Owens, which I believe will remind us in a very powerful way about our duties to our fellow man – all based upon the fact that God has not left us orphans, but has adopted us into His family!

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