MONDAY MINUTES With Pastor Chris McCool (April 5, 2021)

Can you imagine what it would be like if Jesus was in your house? In the second chapter of Mark, we get a vivid picture of what happens when He comes to visit!

In the first 12 verses of this chapter, we find the story of the crippled man who was brought to Jesus by his friends. However, when they got to the house where Jesus was preaching, they could not get in because there was too big a crowd! Instead of giving up and going home, these true friends uncovered the roof and let their sick friend down on his bed into the house to see Jesus. And you know the rest of the story: Jesus not only healed the man of his palsy, but pronounced that his sins were forgiven – greatly upsetting the Pharisees in the process!

What do we learn from this? First of all, we see that there was a great “to-do” (to use the words of my grandmother!) when Jesus was in the house! Verse one tells us that “it was noised that He was in the house.” Did you know that Jesus cannot be hid? Anytime He showed up on the scene in His earthly ministry, great tidings usually proclaimed Him. Even in His birth, there were angels announcing His arrival! Whenever Jesus is in OUR house, we ought to be proclaiming it – not just in word, but in deed! It ought to be “noised” that He is in our house.

Secondly, when Jesus was in the house, there was great preaching! Notice in Mark 2:2: “and He preached the word unto them.” Did you catch that? Jesus PREACHED the word unto them! He did not put on a play, produce a movie, create a dance troupe, hold a debate, form a committee; no! He PREACHED unto them. Beloved friends, our churches ought not to be entertainment centers, but rather places of great preaching of the word. When I leave church on Sunday morning, I don’t want to feel like I’ve been to Disneyworld, or to a concert: I want to hear PREACHING about Jesus, Whom I hope to find in the house on that morning!

Also, notice that He preached THE WORD unto them. He didn’t make up a three-pointed self-help talk, he didn’t send them on with proverbs, “old sayings”, wit, etc. No! He preached THE WORD. The word of God was important to Jesus! Even when faced with the temptation of the devil, Jesus didn’t make up new scripture but quoted the old – and if ANYBODY ever had the right to pronounce new scripture, it was Him Who was the author of ALL scripture! I believe He was teaching us that when trials come we should flee to the word of God, and not seek out worldly wisdom.

Finally, there was great power when Jesus was in the house. He demonstrated that He had the power to heal physically – “I say unto thee, Arise, and take up thy bed, and go thy way. . . .” (Mark 2:11). But He also demonstrated that He had the power to heal spiritually: “Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.” (Mark 2:5). Boy, did this upset the Pharisees’ apple cart! Notice that He actually pronounced the forgiveness of sins BEFORE He healed the man physically. People today get all wrought up about “healing” and “healers” (by the way, I believe in divine healing, I just don’t believe in “divine healers”!); however, Jesus tells them that the healing was nothing more than a “proof” that He was indeed Whom He said He was: the divine Son of God, Who was come to take away the sin of His people (see Mark 2:10).

Is there a great “to-do” over the fact that Jesus is in our house today? Are we excited that He is here with us in our homes and churches, indeed in our very lives? Do we make sure it is “noised” that He is in the house?

And do we make sure that the focus of OUR ministry is the same focus of HIS ministry: preaching, not entertaining? Preaching the word, not some other message?

Jesus Christ was the friend of sinners. He is the Great Physician, but more than that, He is the Savior of His people – and He completely accomplished their salvation on the cross. What a message we have! What a privilege to share it with all those with whom we come into contact!

May the Lord bless you today and every day.

Elder Chris McCool, Pastor