Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark, Part Eight – Can You Go Home? (Elder Chris McCool, July 5, 2020) (Mark 6:1-13)

It’s been said that the definition of a “big preacher” is a “little preacher who is 100 miles or more away from home.” Sometimes, we dismiss that with which we are most familiar. In this sermon, Pastor Chris McCool shares with us what happens when Jesus takes His ministry to His hometown. Unfortunately, their familiarity with Jesus bred contempt instead of faith, and there Jesus did not perform many great works, but rather moved on to other places where the people exercised a stronger faith. The moral of the story: even a local boy can be a powerful preacher if he is preaching in power and demonstration of the Spirit! Don’t let ANYTHING – even familiarity – get in the way of your experience with Jesus!

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