Sermon Series: The Gospel of Mark, Part Six – Do You Have a “Pig Story”? (Elder Chris McCool, June 14, 2020) (Mark 5:1-20)

Do you have a “Pig Story?” We all have incidents in our lives where God delivered us in ways we NEVER expected! Meet such a man in this sermon: a wild Gadarene mad-man whose life seemed hopeless until he met the Son of Man. Jesus freed him from the demons who possessed his very life, and sent them into a herd of swine that rushed headlong into the sea and died. Can’t you picture him later in his life, tucking in his grandchildren, hearing them ask, “Grandaddy, tell us the pig story!” Listen as Pastor Chris expounds upon this glorious account of Jesus’ power over the demonic forces of His day, and how He delivered a poor Gadarene man in a miraculous way.

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