Legal Concepts in the Scripture: Veils and Testaments, Part 1 (2 Cor. 3:7-17)

by Elder John Morgan Owens (preached on March 17, 2024)

In this sermon, Elder John Morgan Owens begins a “loose series” about some legal concepts that appear in Scripture. Today, we begin looking at “testaments.” A testament is tantamount to what we would call a “last will and testament” today, and there are certain elements that universally apply to legal instruments of inheritance like these testaments. Bro. Owens lays out these elements for us, and ultimately shows us how Scripture often mentions a “veil” in the same passage as a testament. Ultimately we will see that God’s “last will and testament” leaves an inheritance for His children through the veil of flesh of Jesus Christ that was sacrificed on the cross. Join us as we begin looking at these important and related topics.

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