Musical Instruments in the Church, Part 3: What the Old Testament Says I (Heb. 8:5)

by Elder Chris McCool, Pastor (preached on March 3, 2024)

In the last message, we looked at the history of musical instruments in the public worship of the church, and learned that Primitive Baptists are NOT some strange, outlier group, but that a Capella singing was the primary mode of worship throughout the vast majority of the church age! Today, we begin to look at what the Bible itself says about musical instruments, beginning with the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, God prescribed certain instruments to be used at certain times by certain people. When He did this, the people were NOT authorized to change or add to the word of God! Join us as we begin to see that God had specific instruction for the public worship in the Old Testament, and we will see that He has specific instructions for the public worship today.

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