The Good News of Jesus’ Birth (Mat. 1:18-25)

by Elder Chris McCool, Pastor (12/20/2020)

While Christmas as a celebrated season is not found in the Bible, nonetheless in our society it has become customary at this time of year to take some time off from work and reflect upon the birth of Christ, and enjoy family time and good fellowship. In truth, we should do so all year round, but certainly we ought to do so at least once per year! Unfortunately, the holiday season has become more about commercialism and materialism than anything resembling a celebration of Christianity. So what about the true message of Jesus’ birth? What was it all about? In this message, Pastor Chris McCool shares with us the TRUE gospel (“good news”) as it was preached to Joseph by the angel immediately before Jesus Christ was born. And this message is still the true gospel today: Jesus saved His people from their sins!

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