The Gospel of Mark, Part Three – Is Your God in a Box?

by Elder Chris McCool, Pastor (preached on 5/10/2020)

Have you put God into a box of your own making? Have your preconceived notions of Who He is and what He can do caused you to see Him as limited in His power and hindered in His purposes? The Pharisees and other religious leaders of Jesus’ day had decided that God fit neatly into their preconceived ideas, and that there was NO WAY a “rebel” like Jesus could have anything to do with God! But as we learn from scripture, God is NOT in a box! His power is unlimited and His purposes unhindered. In this third sermon in our series on Mark, Pastor Chris McCool sets forth a biblical view of God’s glory and power, and admonishes us to be careful not to see God as proscribed by our own “boxes,” but rather to see Him as He is in scripture: high and lifted up, the glorious Savior Who accomplished our salvation.

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